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11th January 2012

Kitagawa GT Series

High clamping torques, extreme rigidity and fast operation are key features of Kitagawa’s new GT series, heavy duty NC rotary tables.

Available in three models with tables from 200 to 320 mm diameter, the new units incorporate a novel piston design that delivers component clamping torques of up to 2,800 Nm.

Productivity is further enhanced by the tables’ robust yet compact design, which allows maximum metal removal rates to be combined with high indexing accuracy and repeatability.

The GT series also features a rapid clamping action for reduced cycle times and maximum production throughput.

Model Table Dia. (mm) Centre Height (mm) Register dia. on Face Plate (mm) Spindle through hole dia. (mm) Gear Ratio Clamping Method Clamping Torque (N.m) Max Spindle Speed(min-1) Indexing Accuracy (sec) Repeatability (sec) Mass (kg)
GT200 200 140 65 45 1/72 Pneumatic 820 41.6 20 4 65
GT250 250 180 100 70 1/90 Pneumatic 1600 33.3 20 4 87
GT320 320 225 130 105 1/120 Pneumatic 2800 25.0(16.6) 20 4 145

The full range of Kitagawa Rotary Tables are availalbe from 1st MTA.