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23rd August 2016

Machine on Multiple Part Sides with Only One Clamping

Obtain the benefits of a horizontal CNC machine on a vertical CNC machine, by using Chick’s Indexer Subsystem package (ISS). Utilize the indexer you have and marry it to one of Chick’s Multi-Loks. The ISS gives you the ability to machine on multiple part sides with only one clamping, therefore decreasing the cycle time and increasing accuracy of your part. 

  • Present multiple parts with adjacent side milling available on a 3 axis machine
  • Adaptable to all models of rotary table
  • Broadens the capabilities of the machine you already have
  • Streamlines your work process with a fast, accurate, and simple workholding solution.


An Indexer Subsystem helped cut costs by 20% at Birmingham-based Armac Martin. Foreman Neil Nally said:

“With the latest indexers, profitability has increased further by avoiding unneccessary set-ups, which has the added bonus of improving the accuracy of our high value fittings and reducing the labour content of hand finishing.”


If you would like to discuss the Chick Indexing Subsystem in more detail, you can arrange a FREE visit from one of our technical representatives by contacting us on 01725 512517 or enquiries@1mta.com. We look forward to hearing from you.

The Chick Workholding Indexer Subsystem, along with all Chick Workholding System 5 products are available on our website.