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2nd May 2017

Maximize Productivity with the Chick Qwik-Lok

Chick Qwiklok

Chick Workholding was designed with flexibility in mind. Maximize your productivity and drastically reduce your repeat setup time, thereby unleashing milling profitability.

The Chick Qwik-Lok is supplied with dual station jaws as standard, but is complemented by the versatility of the different machinable jaws and faceplates available. The QwikChange rapid jaw-change system allows the capabilities of the Qwik-Lok to be expanded in seconds simply by changing the jaws on the unit.

Multiple Chick Qwik-Lok's Using Dual Station Jaws

Dual Station Machinable Jaw Sets clamp with an equal and opposing inward force, thus eliminating the potential for jaw lift. The safe low profile jaw interface maximizes the amount of machinable area, giving the ability to hold larger parts.

Dual Station Jaws allow you to hold one workpiece on either side of the Qwik-Lok at once, instantly doubling the number of parts placed inside of your CNC machine. The slight rocking mechanism of the moveable jaws also allows you to safely and securely hold two parts on either side of the Qwik-Lok, doubling again the capacity of the system.

Two Chick Qwik-Lok's Holding One Large Wokpiece

Single Station Machinable Jaw Sets increase the flexibility of the system by eliminating the need to completely switch fixtures for jobs requiring greater holding capacity. Simply QwikChange the jaws and the set-up is ready in minutes.

Using different sets of jaws also grants the ability to hold one very large part across multiple Qwik-Loks, drastically increasing the versatility of the system and allowing you to take full advantage of your machining centre’s work envelope.

Chick Qwik-Loks Holding Many Parts on Faceplates

Machinable Faceplates provide QwikChange dedicated fixturing for those awkward parts that are too small or difficult to clamp. A mini pallet changer can be created by utilizing two faceplates. Whilst one faceplate loaded with parts is on the Qwik-Lok being machined, it is possible to pre-load an identical faceplate with more parts. The faceplate exchange will only take mere moments, minimizing machine down-time. Finished parts can then be un-loaded and the faceplate re-loaded with new parts ready for the next cycle.

Machinable accessories are the optimal solution for repeat set-ups. The standard height and width is suitable for most applications, but Chick has designed wide, high, and oversized accessories to provide a cost effective solution for those unique applications.

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