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19th April 2017

Multiply Your Profits with Chick Multi-Lok

The Chick Workholding System 5 Multi-Loks are the perfect solution for horizontal CNC machines. They can take full advantage of your machine by providing the accessibility of three part sides, thus decreasing cycle times and increasing the accuracy of your parts. Available in different shapes and sizes, the Multi-Loks are flexible enough to suit any part or machine.

Chick Multi-Loks

The standard 4-Sided Multi-Loks are the most versatile products of their kind, and can take full advantage of your horizontal CNC machine by providing accessibility to three part sides per station, thus decreasing cycle time and increasing the accuracy of your part.

6-Sided Multi-Loks are most commonly used with applications requiring high volume production, providing the flexibility and versatility of six complete dual station workspaces in one compact footprint, maximizing the quantity of parts presented to the spindle.

Chick Workholding Specialty Multi-Loks

Multi-Loks can also be designed with a specific application in mind. Chick has developed a group of Multi-Loks for small part applications or machines with a limited work envelope, without sacrificing the simplicity and flexibility of the System 5 product line. Double High Multi-Loks are essentially two Multi-Loks stacked on top of each other, allowing twice as many parts to be in-machine at once without requiring a machine twice the size.

Specialty Multi-Loks can also be designed to hold large parts while still maximizing the efficiency of your machine. 12 and 16 Station Multi-Loks provide the flexibility of being able to hold one extremely large part over multiple stations or clamping multiple average sized parts, without the need to waste time completely switching fixtures thanks to System 5’s innovative QwikChange jaw system.

Set-Up Times Reduced by Nearly 80%

Set-up times were reduced by nearly 80% at Bradford-based Univer due to the introduction of Chick Multi-Loks. Production Manager Brian Hodgson said:

“Compared to our previous tombstone, the Chick Multi-Lok is four to five times quicker to set. Changeover takes typically three quarters of an hour, so our machining centres are more productive and unit manufacturing costs are lower.”

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