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28th February 2012

New Kitagawa DXR240 Rotary Table Has Low Energy Consumption

A major advance in rotary table design has been introduced by Kitagawa. It is the first of a new generation of compact, low energy units that incorporate a high efficiency direct drive motor to achieve increased torque at lower power consumption.

With a face plate diameter of 240mm, a register diameter of 100mm, a 45mm through-hole and a centre height of 190mm, the DXR240 offers an astonishing 10-fold improvement in mechanical efficiency and motor torque, compared with existing Kitagawa rotary tables.

Direct-drive technology is compatible with modern machine tools, with their faster axis travels and greater look-ahead capability, allowing the DXR240 to be intergrated as an additional CNC axis on highly dynamic machine tools.

Owing to the absence of a gearbox, the table is capable of bi-directional movement with no hystersis and so there is no need to compensate for backlash error. Electromagnetic braking and a servo clamping torque of 200Nm ensure accurate angular positioning.

The table rotates at up to 100rpm for high productivity and allows precise machining thanks to reduced thermal displacement.

In addition, the fully enclosed, absolute rotary encoder is mounted just behind the face plate, rather than at the rear of table, resulting in more aqccurate feedback of actual table position. The unit is therefore well suited to exacting applications in the aerospace and medical sectors, for example.

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