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14th March 2017

Sharpen Your Drills with Style with a Darex Drill Sharpener

Darex Drill Sharpener XT3000

Darex offers the world’s bestselling state-of-the-art sharpening tools for your business. Extend the life of your cutting tools with the full range of commercial drill sharpening products and parts.

Darex XT-3000 Drill Sharpener

The Darex XT-3000 is an expandable tool sharpener that grows as your shop’s needs grow. When you want the right point sharpened quickly and simply, the XT-3000 is your best choice. It sharpens a wide variety of sizes and styles of drill, as well as a wide range of other tools, with ease, accuracy, and fool-proof precision. For the price of a couple hundred drills, you can sharpen in-house for pennies a drill.

The XT-3000 is a rock solid, heavy-duty machine capable of sharpening all day, every day. Able to sharpen drills up to 21mm as standard, attachments for different sizes and styles of drill are available, all of which can be interchanged in seconds and all adjustments can be made without tools. Incorporating 40 years of sharpening expertise, the XT-3000 is the finest, most technologically advanced manual tool sharpener ever produced.

Darex V-391 Drill Sharpener

Get basic precision drill sharpening at an irresistable price. With the Darex V-391, even very small shops can quickly sharpen their own tools and keep on working. For the cost of less than 100 drills, you can accurately sharpen the most common drill sizes in under a minute.

Able to sharpen drills up to 19mm in size, the Darex V-391 incorporates much of the same technology as the more advanced machines and is the perfect choice for intermittent use. Its simple, intuitive design gives everyone access to sharp drills when they need them.

See The Darex Drill Sharpeners In Action

Both the Darex XT-3000 and V-391 will be exhibited on the 1st MTA stand at Southern Manufacturing 2017 in Farnborough from 21st – 23rd March, Stand P110.

If you aren’t able to make it to the show, you can contact us on 01725 512517 or enquiries@1mta.com and one of our technical representatives will be more than happy to bring a FREE demonstration right to you. We look forward to hearing from you.

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