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8th August 2017

The Gripping World of Collet Chucks

There are many different types and designs of collet chuck availble from 1st Machine Tool Accessories. Some have proven successful for decades, and others are new cutting edge technology, but here are some of the features they share.

Collet Chucks

A collet chuck’s low profile compact design means they are ideal for modern CNC applications where tool interference and space are critical. The option to quickly switch between smooth and heavy serration collets for holding finished components or rough bar guarantees flexibility and speeds up setups between operations.

Collet chucks have almost zero grip loss running at High RPM compared with 3 jaw chucks so are excellent for small components where machines will be operating in this condition a lot of the time. They are low inertia compared with 3 jaw chucks, allowing faster changes in spindle direction and less energy consumption.

Pullback and Dead Length

Pullback collet chucks are simple in design with minimal moving parts and are ideally suited to main spindle first operation bar work applications. The pullback design has the collet taper machined into the body, and the collet is pulled back into the body closing the collet down as it does so.

Dead length collet chucks are perfectly suited to sub spindle use as they do not suffer from the collet moving during actuation as the collet is held in a fixed position while the chuck’s tapered sleeve is pushed over the collet, giving ultimate consistency of component length. With certain dead length models it is also possible to fit an integrated back stop or ejector for use with an inbuilt parts catcher.

The wrap around 360° design of collets are well suited to thin wall components maintaining roundness with minimum grip force due to increased surface contact. Integrated back stops can be used in combination with certain pull back collet chucks to minimise material use through accurate billet positioning and improved ability to short grip.

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