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8th September 2017

The Tecnomagnete MillTec GRIP Round

The Tecnomangete MillTec GRIP Round circular magnetic chuck represents an innovative solution for clamping on 5-axis machines. With the MillTec Round’s permanent electro-magnetic technology, five full sides of a component are freely accessible for milling and drilling without any clamps or fixtures getting in the way. Furthermore, the light weight of the system won’t have much impact on the machine’s maximum weight load, allowing for heavier components to be machined.

Milltec 5th Axis

The benefits of five-axis machining are numerous, and include fewer setups, the ability to perform more complex machining operations, and the elimination of tolerance errors that occur as workpieces are moved from machine to machine. The MillTec Round has been designed to enhance these benefits even further, ensuring the maximum productivity of the machine is reached.

The need for fewer setups are enhanced with even shorter setup times, as the MillTec Grip requires just 2 seconds of power to activate, after which the power source can be removed and the component will stay safely and securely clamped.The increase in accuracy that five-axis machining offers is further enhanced by the MillTec’s uniform clamping across the entire contact surface, eliminating the distortion and deformation that could be caused as a workpiece is clamped using traditional methods.

Finally, not only does the five-axis machine use shorter cutting tools, allowing for higher cutting speeds and feeds; its GRIP function magnetises the entire clamp to the machine bed, virtually eliminating vibration, increasing tool life, improving surface finish, and enabling even faster feeds and speeds, which in turn reduces cycle times.

Added Versatility

The MillTec Grip allows pole extensions to be added, that can raise the workpiece up from the main face, allowing for through hole applications. There are also mobile pole extensions that have a small amount of flexibility in them, so workpieces that are not completely flat can still be clamped safely and securely.

Milltec 5 Axis Logo

For added versatility, the workpiece can be raised from the working surface by a steel block carrying the MillTec module. It is then possible to begin machining around the periphery of the sixth side if the component overhangs the plate.

See The MillTec Round in Operation

If you would like to see the features of the MillTec Grip Round, please watch this demonstration video:

MillTec 5 Axis

If you would like more information on the range of Tecnomagnete MillTec, contact us on 01725 512517 or enquiries@1mta.com to speak to one of our technical engineers or arrange a FREE on-site demonstration from one of our technical representatives. We look forward to hearing from you.