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23rd January 2017

Tilt and Turn Your Machine Into Something Greater

5 Axis Workholding

Along with the range of 4th axis rotary tables available from Kitagawa, there is a range of 5th axis rotary tables that can add even greater functionality to your machining centre.

A Kitagawa Five Axis Rotary Table can greatly increase the machining capability of your current machining centre. The use of five-axis rotary tables allows the benefits of one-hit machining to be exploited to the full. Through this process, most – if not all – metal cutting requirements are undertaken by a single machining centre, irrespective of component complexity. The advantages of such a technique are clear. They include: only one machine set-up; one fixturing set-up; cost and time savings associated with reduced parts handling; and the elimination of tolerance errors accumulated as workpieces are moved from machine to machine.

Kitagawa’s TT tilting rotary indexers meet the needs of more complex workpiece and machining configurations, making it easy to add 4th and 5th axes capabilities to standard machining centres. The smallest in the range with a 110mm faceplate is the TT101, a compact tilting table to suit machining of small workpieces. The largest is the TT321 with a 320mm faceplate, a high rigidity table that suits 5 axis machining on large work pieces with heavy cutting.

The newest addition to the range is the TT200, which has the highest clamping force in class, ensuring the stability of your work piece. The compact design means that the TT200 can be installed on Type No.30 small machining centres whilst not restricting the stroke limit, or add an effective 5th axis to larger machines with the low profile design ensuring it will not affect other machining operations.

All Kitagawa 5-axis rotray tables are available with a built-in rotary joint if required, simplifying the pipework that would be needed for using a power chuck. Kitagawa’s extensive range of power chucks when combined with the range of rotary tables allows for a huge amount of flexibility in your machining environment. Furthermore, if long work pieces need to be machined a tailstock can be utilized, granting extra support and stability.


You can see the benefits of five-axis machining that a Kitagawa TT101 Rotary Table can offer you in the following video:

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