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19th March 2018

Tilt & Turn Your Machine into Something Greater

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At 1st Machine Tool Accessories, we supply a wide range of Kitagawa Rotary Tables that are suitable for a variety of different machining needs.

The use of rotary tables allows the benefits of one-hit machining to be exploited to the full.

Through this process, the majority of metal cutting requirements can be undertaken by a single machining centre, irrespective of component complexity.

The advantages of such a technique are clear. They include: only one machine set-up ; one fixturing set-up ; cost and time savings associated with reduced parts handling ; and the elimination of tolerance errors accumulated as workpieces are moved from machine to machine.

Kitagawa’s 5-axis rotary tables can be made available with a built-in rotary joint, simplifying the pipework that would be needed for additional workholding, such as a power chuck.

Kitagawa’s extensive range of power chucks when combined with the range of rotary tables allows for a huge amount of flexibility in your machining environment and gives a workholding combination that can only be provided by Kitagawa.

See a range of Kitagawa Rotary Tables in Action

Come and see 1st MTA at MACH 2018 in Birmingham from 9th 13th April , Stand H20-560.

We’ll be displaying:

A GT series Rotary Table4th Axis, High Clamping Torque

A RK series Rotary Table4th Axis, Ultra Fast Indexing

A CK series Rotary Table4th Axis, Ultra Compact

The TW2180 Rotary Table5th Axis, Multi-Spindle

The TT150 Rotary Table – Suitable for 4th & 5th Axis Machining
Mach Exhibition