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18th October 2016

Workholding Designed with Flexibility in Mind

The Chick Workholding System 5 family has evolved through the pursuit of innovation. The range consists of the Qwik-Lok fast-acting vice for vertical CNC machines, and the Multi-Lok for horizontal machines, which is essentially multiple Qwik-Loks placed on the side of a tooling column. Take advantage of the dual station clamping benefits which allow you to present multiple parts to the spindle at once, cutting machine downtime which in turn saves you time and money.

The System 5 range consists of multiple jaws and faceplates allowing a large amount of flexibility in the size and shape of workpiece that requires gripping. Dual Station Machinable Jaws are ideal for holding two or four average parts. Single Station Machinable Jaws are ideal for holding one large part. Machinable Faceplates are ideal for holding numerous small parts, or parts that are difficult to clamp. They can also be used as a zero point pallet system. Jaw Carriers are ideal if you would like a traditional “vise like” setup.

The innovative QwikChange jaws can be snapped on and off in seconds, allowing for rapid part changes. Customized fixturing is possible as all jaws and faceplates are fully machinable to hold unique or oddball parts. There is zero jaw lift, with low profile towers and an angled interface holding the jaws firmly in place.

Chick Qwik-Loks at Gosport-based QCD Limited paid for themselves within 46 days. Owner and manager Steve Lindsell said:

“Repeatability of positioning on the Qwik-Loks from 1st MTA is excellent, which means that components are machined more accurately. Five complete changeovers are achieved in just 15 minutes. This is our biggest cost saving.”

You can read more about these savings here.


Chick Workholding was designed with flexibility in mind! Maximize your producitivty and drastically reduce your repeat setup time, thereby unleashing milling profitability.

As a totally integrated system, System 5 jaws, faceplates, jaw carriers, and more, are all designed with the QwikChange interface, so workholding can be moved from machine to machine, vertical to horizontal, fixture to fixture, and be set up again with maximum efficiency.


If you would like to see if the Chick System 5 workholding solution would be applicable to your needs, you can book a FREE visit from one of our technical representatives by contacting us on 01725 512517 or enquiries@1mta.com. We look forward to hearing from you.

The full range of Chick Workholding System 5 products are available on the 1st MTA website.