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14th March 2016

Mach 2016 Preview – Tecnomagnete

1st Machine Tool Accessories will be exhibiting during the 2016 Mach Exhibiton at Hall 5 Stand 5120. During the run-up to the show, we’re going to be previewing some of the innovative workholding items we will have on offer.


Workholding, drill sharpening and automation equipment specialist, 1st Machine Tool Accessories (1st MTA), will show its extensive range of products for raising production output and maximising return on investment from machine tools. 

A theme of this year’s stand will be the company’s ability to provide an array of customised solutions, allowing the company to justify its 2016 slogan, “The Answer’s Yes”, irrespective of the question a manufacturer asks. 

Such bespoke equipment can solve complex production problems or, in standard applications, reduce set-up and idle times further. The results are extra versatility, fewer clampings, and higher levels of efficiency, accuracy and repeatability. 


MillTec Grip 5th Axis Magnetic Workholding

Shown for the first time at MACH 2016 will be new range of Italian-made products that incorporate permanent-electro magnets, designed for workholding on machine tools and for handling sheet, bar and other ferrous materials in warehouses and factories. It follows 1st MTA’s appointment last year as UK and Irish agent for the equipment manufacturer, Tecnomagnete spa

Items in the product range likely to be of particular interest include the MillTec Grip magnetic clamping system for milling machines and machining centres. The low-profile, frameless, monolithic clamps have a sealed, double magnetic circuit that allows uniform clamping between the workpiece and the magnetic surface and at the same time between the magnetic system and the machine table. 

Emphasis will be placed on solutions for 5-axis and 5-sided metalcutting applications. Five sides of a component are freely accessible for milling and drilling and the light weight of the clamping system means that heavier components can be processed for a given maximum table load. 

For added versatility, the workpiece can be raised from the working surface by a steel block carrying the MillTEC module. It is then possible to address machining around the periphery of the sixth side if the component overhangs the plate. It also gives more clearance for the spindle to facilitate machining of the four adjacent sides using shorter tools to minimise vibration.

Flexibility is further extended by the option to use reference dowel pins. These may be employed for accurate, repeatable, off-line fixturing of components on pallets used in multi-pallet machining cells. They also enable fixturing of non-magnetic components such as aluminium, brass and composite, as well as any awkwardly shaped part, in conventional fixtures. 

For grinding applications, TFP and TPF magnetic clamping systems offer advantages, not least the variable magnetic pull-down force to suit the workpiece. The ability to remove residual magnetism from the component after machining prevents build-up of grinding dust on the surfaces and consequently the need for its time-consuming removal. 

Worthy of special mention in the work handling section of the catalogue is the patented MaxX range of manually controlled lifters, which contain high-energy magnets capable of lifting loads up to two tonnes. The monoblock body improves safety by avoiding the need for separate sections bolted together. The flux remains entirely within the body until the handle is pulled to activate the lower surface of the lifter. Any metal object near the sides does not lessen the magnetic force, resulting in secure handling. 

MaxX Magnetic Lifter

1st Machine Tool Accessories will be exhibiting during the Mach Exhibition in Hall H, Stand 5120, where you will be able to see the exciting magnetic workholding solutions from Tecnomagnete along with many other options to raise your work productivity and profitability.

If you would like any further information about these products but won’t be able to see us at Mach, please don’t hesitate to contact us on 01725 512 517 or enquiries@1mta.com.