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26th January 2015

Tecnomagnete Magnetic Workholding

Tecnomagnete 1MTA


A new range of Italian-made products that incorporate permanent-electro magnets, designed for workholding on machine tools including grinding machines and for handling sheet, bar and other ferrous materials in warehouses and factories, has been introduced to the UK and Irish markets by 1st Machine Tool Accessories, Salisbury.

It follows the company’s appointment as a sales and service agent by the equipment manufacturer, Tecnomagnete spa, which has its headquarters and factory located close to Milan.

Items in the product range likely to be of particular interest include the MillTec Grip magnetic clamping system for milling machines and machining centres. The low-profile, frameless clamps with double magnetic circuit allow uniform clamping between the workpiece and the magnetic surface and at the same time between the magnetic system and the machine table.

It eliminates bending or deformation caused by the mechanical clamping elements, ensuring stability and structural uniformity of the whole workpiece / magnetic chuck/machine assembly. A patented feature is the sealed construction with a monolithic, all-metal top section into which an array of magnets is embedded for holding down workpieces.

For grinding applications, TFP and TPF magnetic clamping systems offer advantages, not least the variable magnetic pull-down force to suit the workpiece. The ability to remove residual magnetism from the component after machining prevents build-up of grinding dust on the surfaces and consequently the need for its time-consuming removal.

Worthy of special mention in the work handling section of the catalogue is the patented MaxX range of manually controlled lifters, which contain high-energy magnets capable of lifting loads up to two tonnes. The monoblock body improves safety by avoiding the need for separate sections bolted together. The flux remains entirely within the body until the handle is pulled to activate the lower surface of the lifter. Any metal object near the sides does not lessen the magnetic force, resulting in secure handling.

All products in the range use permanent-electro magnetic circuits, patented by Tecnomagnete in 1977, whereby electricity is only required during the activation and deactivation phases.

The full range of Tecnomagnete products is available from 1st MTA.