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15th November 2016

Magnetic Lifting A Real Positive

The Tecnomagnete MaxX Lifter is the most practical, safe, and economical way to handle ferrous loads, floors, round, finished, or raw. The load is lifted from the top with ease, without deformation or damage.

Available in a variety of models, with maximum lifting capacity ranging from 125kg to 2,000kg, the benefits of the MaxX Lifters can be made available to a huge number of industrial sectors.

Tecnomagnete MaxX Lifter

The operating costs are near to zero, efficiency and productivity are dramatically increased and the return on investment is extremely quick.

The patented design conveys the magnetic flux only where necessary: into the load. This ensures consistent performance, absence of residual magnetic attraction, and prevents interference with any adjacent load.

Not only is every MaxX tested to three times the stated holding capacity, the “smart lever” perceives when load conditions are not optimal (unbalanced loads, incorrect material, incorrect thickness) and communicates this condition by making it incredibly difficult to activate. This ensures that usage of the MaxX lifter is safe and secure.

You can see a video of a MaxX Lifter in action below:

Tecnomagnete MaxX Video

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