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2nd August 2016

Remove 100% of Ferrous Contamination from Industrial Fluids

Magnetic filtration is the most effective means of removing problem ferrous particles from industrial fluids such as coolants, lubricants and wash solutions.

All the benefits of Eclipse Magnetic Filters are based on their ability to remove 100% of ferrous particles including sub-micron particles from the process. Traditional filtration systems typically leave particles smaller than 5-10 microns circulating in fluid causing damage to process equipment and finished products.

Magnetic filtration systems are ideal for either new build projects or they can be fitted to enhance existing filtration systems.

Reduces reject rates to zero
Magnetic filtration enables a cleaner cut or grind, improves surface finish, and reduces reject rates.


Longer lasting fluids – Extends fluid life by x10
Magnetic filters remove particles smaller than one micron in size. Tradtional barrier filters typically leave particles smaller than 5-10 microns circulating in the fluid. These particles significantly affect the performance of fluids and also act as a focus for bacterial build up.

No consumables – Cuts filter costs by up to 100%
Unlike other types of filtration, once magnetic filtration is installed there is nothing else you need to buy to ensure effective filtration over the filter’s lifetime, which can be typically greater than 20 years.

Minimal fluid loss
Contamination is removed from the filter as a semi-dry ‘cake’. Fluid loss is considerably less than that of traditional filter media.

No disposal costs
The cake itself can be recyled, eliminating expensive specialist disposal costs.

Minimal running costs – virtually zero
Manually cleaned magnetic filters require no additional power. Magnetic self-cleaning filters only require a small amount of power for the cleaning process.

Ideal for 24/7 operation
Fully automated magnetic filtration systems are ideal for continuous manufacturing lines.

Rapid return on investment – payback in 3 months
Magnetic filtration is perfect for cost reduction and continuous improvement programmes providing a rapid return on investment through:


Maintain flow rates
High flow rates can be maintained without affecting filtration efficiency. Fluid does not flow through filter media, so flow is uninterrupted. Flow rates are determined by your process requirements, not by your filter.

No back pressure
Even when the filter is “full” there is no blinding or risk of burst filters, reducing downtime.

Reduced wear / precision finish
Particles that pass through traditional filters act as an abrasive, wearing parts, machinery, and product. Magnetic filters remove these damaging particles.

Fine filtration
Conventional filtration media, at 5 microns and below, can strip oils of anti-foaming, anti-bacteria, and other additives. Magnetic filtration enables sub-micron filtration without affecting the oil’s properties, and can actually aid the effective control of bacteria.


A major consideration for any business is its responsibility to the environment. Magnetic filtration is a positive contribution to companies’ environmental policies and ISO 14001 accreditation.

Reduced Waste – Magnetic filtration requires no consumable or disposable products. It extracts 100% of ferrous contamination, drastically reducing the use of disposable filter media. Less fluid is used as its effectiveness is maintained for longer.

Recycled Waste – Ferrous particles are seperated from fluid and filtration media so can be recycled rather than disposed of.

Eclipse Magnetic Filtration supplies a range of different magnetic filters to suit whatever needs your machine shop may require.

Micromag is ideal for single cell machines and smaller wash stations. The manual clean magnetic filter can be easily installed on new or existing equipment. With a high intensity magnetic core and patented fluid flow path, Micromag ensures removal of almost 100% of ferrous contamination.

Filtramag+ magnetic filter is the ultimate in filtration technology, its’ high intensity magnetic cores make it 100% effective for use with materials which have lower magnetic permeability such as tungsten carbide and cast iron. With a stainless steel construction, Filtramag+ is ideal for use in harsh chemical environments and wash systems.

The Automag magnetic filter is a fully automated unit which is ideal for 24/7 machining operations. With high contamination collection capacity and an ability to handle high flow rates, Automag is widely used on high volume production lines.

The latest generation in high performance magnetic filtration, the Autofiltrex magnetic filter integrates market leading magnetic technology, it ensures 24/7 “ultra-polished” machine tool fluids. The “plug and play” unit delivers savings in fluid usage, filter consumables and waste disposal costs. In addition, it improves surface quality.


Magnetic filtration gives a competitive edge in many different demanding applications, through a whole host of different manufacturing industries.

See what a number of satisfied customers had to say about the various Eclipse products:

“Micromag has paid back in just a few weeks, previously we could only take out particles of 50 micron or over, which caused the fluid channels to get plugged and drills to crash. Now I have fitted Micromag, my purchase of drill bodies has fallen by 100%. I am planning to fit Micromag to all my machines.”
Plant Manager at Collison Goll, Steel Stock Deep Hole Drilling

“Filtramag has increased our fluid life by 20%, reduced our downtime and our product reject rates have fallen dramatically. Filtramag extracts approximately 12kg of ferrous particles every week and has dramatically cut our costs in replacement paper filters and damaged pumps.”
Chief Maintenance Engineer at Letitz Group, Grinding & Polishing of Cutting Tools

“We had a real problem with downtime as our quenching tank regularly filled up with ferrous contamination – we had to halt production and clean out the tank. Automag has been a smart investment. The automated cleaning frees up my maintenance team and we will get rapid payback through reduced process downtime.
Plant Engineer at Cascade, Heat Treatment of Fork Lift Parts



If any of this has seemed interesting and you want to see for yourself how an Eclipse Magnetic Filter could help you and your business, you can arrange a FREE onsite demonstration from one of our technical representatives by contacting us on 01725 512517 or enquiries@1mta.com.

The entire range of Eclipse Magnetic Filters can be found on our website.