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1st November 2016

Tecnomagnete MillTec Grip

More information about the Tecnomagnete MillTec Grip can be found on our website.

The Tecnomagnete MillTec Grip revolutionizes the concept of magnetic clamping on milling machines and machining centres. Now you can perform a real uniform clamping, i.e. between the workpiece and the magnetic surface and at the same time between the magnetic system and the machine table.

This eliminates any possible bending or deformation caused by the mechanical clamping elements ensuring perfect stability and structural uniformity to the workpiece, the magnetic chuck, and the machine.

Furthermore, the complete elimination of all vibration enables greater precision for a higher quality part, less tool wear, and faster feeds and speeds can be achieved, reducing cycle time.

Tecnomagnete MillTec

Reduce Set-Up Times
With MillTec, the workpiece is always fully accessible on five faces, improving the tool path in all machining operations (face-milling, contouring, milling, and drilling). Set-up and change over times are drastically reduced, even with multiple work pieces. For irregular workpieces, self-shimming pole extensions are available which raise the workpiece up and self-adjust to any dimensional variance.

No Power During Machining
All it takes to activate the system is a short electric pulse lasting just a few seconds. The power source can then be removed and the workpiece will remain clamped with no time limit, held safely and securely by the power of the high-energy permanent magnet. The system can be subsequently deactivated with a short electric pulse.

No Residual Magnetism
All N/S poles are energized by a double magnet circuit (Alnico + Neodynium) and can generate the highest level of magnetic induction into the steel. The layout permits horizontal, flat flow of the magnetic flux at a very limited depth, fully concentrated in the polar area and thus in the workpiece being clamped. As all N/S poles are absolutely identical, the magnetic circuit is perfectly balanced with no stray flux, no magnetic interference and with constant and predictable performance.


At Andover-based Bowyer Engineering, a Tecnomagnete MillTec system significantly reduced the cost of machining steel plates, paying for itself in three months. Production manager John Mcnab said:

“The whole project has been a resounding success, from concept to operation. Not only have our workholding requirements been met, but the solution has exceeded all our expectations.”

You can read more about the savings from MillTec Grip here.

You can watch a demonstration video of the MillTec Grip in action below

If you want to know if a Tecnomagnete MillTec magnetic clamp is the right solution for your application, you can arrange a FREE visit from one of our technical representatives by contacting us on 01725 512517 or enquiries@1mta.com. We look forward to hearing from you.

More information about the Tecnomagnete MillTec Grip can be found on our website.