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26th July 2016

Cut Costs with Darex Drill Sharpeners

Darex Drill Sharpener XT3000

Darex offers the world’s bestselling state-of-the-art sharpening tools for your business. Extend the life of your cutting tools with the full range of commercial drill sharpening products and parts.

Darex XT-3000 Drill Sharpener

If you want the right point for the job sharpened quickly and simply the Darex XT-3000 is for you. It sharpens a wide variety of sizes and styles of drills and other tools with ease and accuracy. Imagine, for the price of a couple of hundred drills, you can sharpen in-house for only pennies a drill. Using the patented chuck/cam design allows anyone to be a sharpening expert with a few minutes of instruction.


The XT-3000 was designed as an affordable drill sharpener that will grow with your shop’s needs. The base unit quickly and accurately regrinds 3-21mm diameter standard or split point tools at any angle between 118 and 150 degrees.

The base unit’s capabilities are extended through a series of easily fitted optional modules. These include a large capacity unit for drills up to 30mm diameter, and a countersink module for regrinding Weldon type or single flute countersink tools. A dedicated step drill unit sharpens tools with a maximum pilot diameter of 12.7mm, and step sizes up to 21mm. Further modules are available for sheet metal point, and 90 degree point drills ranging from 3-21mm diameter.


The XT-3000 paid for itself at Birmingham-based Bailey & Mackey within eighteen months. The company’s production engineer Alan Boylin stated:

“Hand resharpening of drills is inconsistent without long practice and difficult for inexperienced operators to get right, whereas the Darex machine is quick to use and delivers dependable results every time.”

Sheffield-based Evenort saved so much through using the XT-3000 that it paid for itself in three months. Works manager Darren Roberts explains:

“All of our machine operators are able to sharpen their own twist drills on the Darex. It takes 15 minutes to learn how to use it and a drill is sharpened in a couple of minutes, so it is back in production quickly.”

If you want to see how quickly a Darex Drill Sharpener could pay for itself in your shop, input your figures into our Darex Return on Investment Calculator and be amazed with the savings.


See for yourself how easily the Darex range of drill sharpeners can sharpen your drills. You can arrange a FREE onsite demonstration from one of our technical representatives by contacting us on 01725 512517 or enquiries@1mta.com.


We currently have a couple of great condition ex-demo units that we can apply a special 30% discount to, making it even easier to recoup the costs and quickly see the savings a Darex Drill Sharpener can offer you.

You can find more information about the Darex XT-3000 along with the entire range of Darex Drill Sharpeners on our website.