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11th April 2017

Quick Set-Ups with the Chick Qwik-Lok

Chick Qwiklok

System 5 from Chick Workholding was created to eliminate downtime in all its forms because if a machine is not cutting, it’s not making money. The Qwik-Lok has the ability to reduce set-up and changeover times, plus maximise the number of parts in a single machining cycle, keeping the machines cutting and making money.

The Qwik-Lok’s dual-station clamping increases your productivity and walkaway time, with a range of machinable jaws also available. The innovative design reduces jaw lift while optimizing clamping force, ensuring your parts are clamped safely and securely. The clean, closed surface provides maximum chip control, easy maintenance, and simple clean-up.

Chick Qwik-Lok

The System 5 range consists of multiple jaws and faceplates allowing a large amount of flexibility in the size and shape of workpiece that requires gripping. Dual Station Machinable Jaws come as standard and are ideal for holding two or four average parts simultaneously, Single Station Machinable Jaws can hold one larger workpiece, and Machinable Faceplates are ideal for holding numerous small parts that are difficult to clamp. Faceplates can also be easily interchanged and act as a mini zero point pallet changer.

Machinable accessories are the optimal solution for repeat set-ups. The standard height and width is suitable for most applications, but Chick has also designed wide, high, and oversized accessories to provide a cost effective solution for those unique applications.

Qwik-Lok Success Story

The addition of Chick Qwik-Loks to North Wales-based Crabb Engineering were such a success that they ordered an additional three units and jaws within a month of its initial purchase. Production Director Ken Petryszyn said:

“Today, the Qwik-Lok system is an integral part of our manufacturing operations, being incroporated within dedicated kits that also include tooling, inspecition equipment, set-up instructions, and CNC programs for every job.”

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Multiple Chick Qwik-Lok's In-Use

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